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About Us

 Zaksenberg Holit, has two principal work areas:

The first area is the area of ​​aluminum castings in small and medium series.

The second area is the area of ​​manufacturing juicer – " Hadarit".
The hadarit is a manual juice squeezer fort the institutional kitchens market. The juicer is suitable to extract citrus and pomegranate.


The plant was purchased by kibbutz Holit from the Zaksenberg family in 2000 and transferred to areas in the western Negev. Until then, the factory was a family owned business and run by the sons of the inventor of the juicer (invented in 1929), Rabbi Isaac Zaksenberg, who owned a foundry in Jaffa and began manufacturing valves and water pumps parts till the disturbs began in Tel Aviv - Jaffa.
Since then, he started to (secretly) manufacture mines, grenades and armor for armored vehicles.

Over the years the business was transferred to the sons of Rabbi Isaac Zaksenberg, whom continued producing the juicer and art works casted in bronze, brass, and aluminum. The citrus juicer, called Hadarit, is a manual citrus juicer which provides a solution for juice stores owners.
The pressing operation is very easy for its relatively long lever, and executes a perfect squeezing operation. Hence, there is no need to have juice stored in fridges and the customers will enjoy of a (full of vitamins, freshly squeezed) cup of juice. The juicer is worldwide known and is typical of the Israeli drugstores.

Among our clients there are: hotels, restaurants, kiosks, catering companies and more.
The last years, since the science discovered the health benefits of the pomegranate, the demand for the juicers increased.
The increased demand is a result of the changing of the consumer preferences who wants a product for home use. At the same time also increased the demand from gastronomyl distributors, who identified the new culinary trends because of the many cooking TV programs.

Zaksenberg Holit's marketing philosophy is to produce a high quality, strong and faithful citrus and pomegranate squeezer, with a full one year warranty.
Kibbuz Holit  P.M. Hanegev 4, 85458   |   Phone +972-8-9985614   |   Fax +972-8-9985631
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