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Since the beginning of the century, Zaksenberg Holit produces and merchandise the world famous "Hadarit" an unique and high quality pomegranate and citrus juice machine.The machine is easy to use and squeezes the fruit till the last drop. The juice machine is well known in the food industry, it's features make it perfect for using at restaurants, hotels, juice stores, catering companies, etc.
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About the Factory
The Factory was bought by Kibbutz Holit in the year 2000, from the formal owners, the Zaksenbergs, and moved to the kibbutz's lands in the south of Israel. Till then, the factory was a family business owned and managed by the sons of the juicer inventor, Rabbi Itzhak Zaksenberg. Since the year 2000, the factory is working at Kibbutz Holit under the name " Zaksenberg Holit" and produces and merchandise the high quality and world famous citrus and pomegranate juicer, which was named " Hadarit"( hadar its one of the months in hebrew calendar and also its the name of the citrus in hebrew), the " Hadarit" fruit squeezer its so easy to use, it doesn't use electricity, and will last for years!
Kibbuz Holit  P.M. Hanegev 4, 85458   |   Phone +972-8-9985614   |   Fax +972-8-9985631
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